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AHS Drama Department Presents. . .

The wait is over and love is in the air! Once again, the Arlington High School drama department will stage an outstanding production for our community. John Cariani’s Almost, Maine is quickly approaching and will be premiering in the Byrnes Performing Arts Center on November 7th, 8th, 14th, & 15th.

As students come to realize that performing art is more than entertainment, the cast and crew are starting to see John Cariani’s adaptation as having a little something for everybody and being capable of engaging all audience members regardless of age. Even though the play is targeted toward high school students, an older audience will find it just as appealing. Almost, Maine shows the many different sides of love. The show is broken into nine scenes, all separate from one another. Each scene highlights a specific aspect of relationships that people face everyday. In some scenes the characters suddenly realize their love for each other, while others depict couples admitting that there’s not much love left in their relationship. Each scene is seasoned with humor, touching moments, and impeccable acting, and no matter what you’re looking for in a play, you can find it in Almost, Maine.

Almost, Maine uses symbols throughout the entire play to represent love, such as one of the characters carrying around her own broken heart in a bag. The symbolism throughout the play is crafted with such care that even something as far-fetched as a literal broken heart is easily presented naturally and believably. Quintessential themes of love and loss are evident throughout the play.

Talented junior Emily Hawks, who has been cast in three previous Arlington High School productions, says about the play,“I would say that this play centers around the idea of completeness. Not only does my character find her match in her scene partner, she also finds a way to complete herself.  The characters are written as people with a goal singular to themselves that they are able to achieve while falling in love. “ said Hawks. She is currently playing the characters of Glory and Gayle in Almost, Maine. Talented senior Meghan O’Hara, who has participated in many previous Arlington High School productions, says, “I think this play has a lot to do with characters finding a deeper discovery about their love and who they are as a person and where they stand with somebody,” said O’Hara. She is currently playing Marvalyn in one of the nine scenes.

Please contact Scott Moberly to arrange for interviews, photograph a rehearsal or on-line ticket information: (360) 618-6300 ext. 3117, or

Ticket prices are:
$7 for students
$10 for adults
Tickets will be available at the door on show nights beginning at 6:00 pm.



The Arlington Arts Council Presents. . .

Tickets will also be available at the door the night of the show starting at 6pm


Lakewood HS Fundraiser for the Arts. . .